Lot 451

JAILLOT (Jean-Baptiste-Michel Renou de Chevigné, says). New map of the city and the faux-bourgs of Paris, relative to the Critical, Historical and Topographical Research on this city; published by Sr. Jaillot, ordinary geographer of the King (...). Paris, at the author's home, 1778.
Small folio, VIII pp. of text, 30 double leaves mounted on tabs, and intended to be assembled, marbled fawn calf, spine with false nerves and edges of the covers redone in blond calf, double gilt fillet frame with corner rosettes on the covers, red tr., endpapers redone (modern binding). Small paper repairs on some leaves. Modern binding, old plates brought back.
This plan by Jean-Baptiste Renou de Chevigné, Jaillot par sa mère, was in fact used as an atlas for the series of twenty-two fascicles composing his Recherches critiques sur Paris (1772-1774). It should not be confused with the one given to him by his uncle Bernard Jaillot in 1713, which had served as his canvas. Similarly, he did not take up the plans contained in the 22 fascicles.
The author, a scholar and geographer of the 18th century, who died in Paris on 5 April 1780, belonged to a family of artists and cartographers, was the King's ordinary geographer, a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and belles-lettres of Angers.
(Picon-Robert, Un atlas parisien, p. 97. Vallée 1574).