Lot 81

Important replica of the Four Parts of the World hanging, supplied by the merchant Michel to the Garde-meuble in 1784, rewoven by the Grand Frères factory in Lyon, first half of the 19th century, lampas edged with green satin background, silver decoration with allegories of four continents: Africa is represented by a lion hunt, Minerva wearing a helmet holding an arrow and a shield embodies Europe; two Indians facing each other sitting on a rock symbolize America, an oriental dignitary riding a camel and sheltered by a parasol evokes the East.
Ordered in blue and silver colours for the seats of Marie-Antoinette's Grand cabinet at the château de Rambouillet in 1784, this lampas was also placed for the King's cabinet in Compiègne in 1785 and 1786 and rewoven during the First Empire for the Salon des Glaces de Madame Mère in Trianon. It was then regularly rewoven in the 19th century by Grand Frères then Tassinari and Chatel according to the original. It currently decorates the Salon des Ambassadeurs at the Elysée Palace and the Hall of Mirrors at the Grand Trianon.

Two panels of about 270 x 213 cm forming a useful yardage of 22 m woven in 0.54 cm width, (stain on one of the panels).
Two later mounted mantling panels, 54 x 434 cm and 54 x 315 cm.
A document made up of pieces mounted on canvas (stains), probably the original document used for the reweaving, 69 x 115 cm.

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