Lot 35

Batch of old authors' books in used condition :
- AELIANUS - GRONOVIUS. CL. Aeliani sphista. Varia historia cum notis integris. Amstelodami, Luchtmans, 1731, 2 vols. in-4, fawn calf, triple fillet, framed the plates, inscription in gilt lettering "Bibliothecae regiae Parmensis", spine ribbed, ornate (very used binding). With a frontispiece. Strong freckles.
- HESIODI ascraei opera omnia. Ex regio parmensi typographio,1785, 2 parts rel. in one vol. in-4, fawn calf, triple filets framed on the boards, spine ribbed (rel. très us.).
- LUCIANI Samosatensis opera. Amstelodami, Wetstenii,1743, 3 strong vol. in-4, half reel. with low corners. brown, spine ribbed (very usu. rel.). With a frontispiece.
- LUCRECE. T. Lucretii cari, de rerum natura libri sex. Lugduni batavorum, Janssonios, 1725, 2 vol. in-4, brown calf, spine with nerves, decorated (rel. us.) with a frontispiece and 5 engravings. Heavily freckled and browned.
- LUCANUS. Mr. Annaei Lucani Pharsalia. Leidae, Wishoff, 1740, in-4, brown calf with nerves (rel. very us.). Heavily freckled. Set of 9 vol.

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