Lot 37

Office of Holy Week in Latin and French for the use of Rome & Paris... Dedicated to La Reyne for the use of her House. Paris, widow Mazières and Garnier, 1728.
In-8, XLVIII, 852 pp. red-brown morocco, brass band plaque with dotted decoration, coat of arms in the center, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt boxes with a small fleur-de-lys in a medallion, all edges gilt, endpapers and linings of polychrome gilt paper decorated with flowers and foliage.
Illustrated with a frontispiece title, lettering and three off-text engravings by Jean-Baptiste Scotin.
EXAMPLE RELATED TO THE WEAPONS OF MARIE LECZINSKA, Queen of France, wife of Louis XV. Beautiful edition of this office dedicated to the Queen.
Cut guard, torn page, stains, tears, wear at the binding.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris