Lot 191

Two folded fans with watercoloured leaves and ivory mounts (Elephantidae spp; > 20 %) (pre-Convention), from the 18th century :
- one with a leaf decorated with a pastoral scene in a park, in a flower frame.
On the reverse, a woman sitting in front of a tree.
The strands are decorated with figures in openwork rocaille cartouches on a mica (?) background and enhanced.
Master strands in a suite with a background of pinkish mother-of-pearl.
H. 29.5 cm - Gross weight: 66 g. Wear, restorations, accidents and small lacks.
- One with leaf decorated with an allegorical scene with women and love on clouds in a frame of flowers.
On the reverse side, green grove.
The strands decorated with characters in openwork rocaille cartouches.
Master strands en suite with blue grooved background.
H. : 29.5 cm - Gross weight : 62 g. Wear, stains, restorations, accidents and small lacks.
One joint:
A folded fan with black lace leaf with floral decoration and frame in imitation of brown tortoise shell.
H. : 30.5 cm. Some wear and tear and small dents or cracks.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris