Lot 146

Small batch of paper-cut stones, including colourless glass, rock crystal or yellow or smoky quartz.
We join:
- small batch of orange-pink coral (Corallium spp) (Corallidae spp) (NR) beads, some mounted on metal sleepers.
Beginning of the 20th century.
Total gross weight: 8 g. Accidents.
- Oval agate cameo on a carnelian background with a chariot of love decoration.
Length : 29 mm. Gears.
- Oval intaglio on brown glass, decorated with Dante's profile.
H. : 27 mm. Gears.
- Circular plate in marquetry of coloured glass, flowered branch.
Diameter: 34 mm. Missing.
- Pendant heart in blue bathed agate.
H. : 27 mm.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris