Lot 199

Set of bronze or metal medals with patina on different subjects (Chateaubriant, Prisoners of War "Rawa Ruska", Chemistry, Education 1966, Medicine, Tidal-Motor Factory 1966, Academy of Sciences 1966, Youth and Sport, Brittany 1967, Rennes).
You can reach :
* Some decorations or medals:
- three War Crosses (1x14-17 / 2x14-18) in patinated metal. Conformal ribbons with bronze star.
- two Military Medals in metal and blue enamel. Conforming ribbons.
Third Republic (1870-1940). Small oxidation.
Some in brass and metal "souvenir" easel frames (average condition).
- Colonial silver medal (800). Worn out conforming ribbon.
Gross weight : 18 g.
- Academic palms, gold metal and purple enamel officer's insignia. Conformal ribbon with rosette.
Small enamel jumps.
- Military medal in metal and blue enamel. Ribbon conformed.
IVth Republic (1946-1958).
* Insignia buttonhole metal and enamel of the City of Rennes.
Diameter: 47 mm. Wear and tear.
* Gilded metal brooch and blue enamelled ceramic medallion with fleurdelysed medallion under crown and ermine.
Diameter: 41 mm.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris