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Set of decorations and medals : * Four Crosses - three of War in patinated bronze (1x14-17 / 2x14-18). Conformal ribbons, two with star. Oxidations, wear and tear. - one of Combattant 1914-1918 in patinated bronze. Ribbon conforming. * Seven medals, ribbons conform: - two Military in metal and enamel. IIIrd Republic (1870-1940). - two of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry silver (min. 800). 1912 or 1914. Total gross weight: 24 g. - one of the Railroaders of gold (gilded metal). 1952. - one of bronze of honour from the Army Health Service. 1975. - One of bronze honor of the Labour of the Ministry of War. 1975. - One of honour of silver (silver plated metal) of the Labour of the Ministry of War. 1977. - one of gold (gold-plated metal) of honour from the civilian staff of the Ministry of Defence. Earth. 1988. Wear, scratches, shocks, oxidation. We enclose: - J. BALME, Arthus BERTRAND, Y. DELSART, DRAGO, FRAISSE Eight gold or silver metal beret or buttonhole badges, some enamelled. - one woven badge.

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France - 75009 - paris
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