Lot 218

Four pills:
- two with metal ciphered matrices and carnelian or yellow resin grips,
- one with a virgin silver matrix (800) and bone grip.
Net weight: 1 g.
- one of silver châtelaine (min. 800) with matrix decorated with a female blazon under marquis crown.
Goldsmith's mark erased.
Net weight : 13 g. Wear and shocks.
One joint:
- five mechanical pencils, of which four in metal and one in silver (800) enamelled with flowers.
Gross weight: 3 g. Wear, scratches and some shocks.
- three penknives, including a miniature one, with white mother-of-pearl or imitation mother-of-pearl resin plates (Champagne d'Epernay).
Wear and scratches.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris