Lot 260

Three serving knives in steel or gold plated metal with silver (950) filled handles.
Minerva hallmarks and various goldsmiths' marks.
Total gross weight: 135 g.
Accidents and oxidation.
We enclose :
- a steel letter opener with silver (800) filled handle.
Wild boar hallmark.
Gross weight: 33 g. Oxidations.
- retractable travel cup in silver and gold plated metal.
In its leather case, marked Z.
Wear and shocks.
- five truncated cone-shaped, nestable travel cups in silver and gold plated metal.
Wear and tear and oxidation.
In their leather case, cut and stained.
- one folding travel cutlery (3 pieces) in steel and bone plates.
Oxidations and cracks.
- steel penknife and coarse wooden handle.
Blade signed Mariette.
Oxidations and very worn wood.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris