Lot 295

Set of cutlery with ivory handles (Elephantidae spp;
* Cutting kits, various models, some with figures, made of steel:
- twelve knives, some with signed blades.
- nine forks,
- two leg sleeves.
Total gross weight: 2,344 g. - Length: from 21 to 31.8 cm. Several incomplete kits.
Wear, oxidation, stains and cracks. Some blunt blades.
* Eight cheese or fruit knives in steel or silver plated metal.
* two steel table knives.
Total gross weight: 517 g. - Length: from 19.4 to 26 cm. Wear, oxidation, stains and some cracks.
* a silver cake shovel (800).
Minerva hallmark (2nd title).
Gross weight: 89 g. - Length : 28,3 cm. Accident.
We join:
* an ivory salad servers (Elephantidae spp ;
Total net weight: 105 grams. - Length: 25.5 cm. Stains.
* set of steel knives with bone handles:
- five cheese knives with two handles and a leg fork with mother-of-pearl burgundy inlays.
- three with cheese with mother-of-pearl burgaud inlays
- four cheeseburgers, rocket rings.
- one cutlery set with draped ferrules.
- a carving fork.
* three knives with resin handles and metal blades.
Some signed blades.
Cracks, stains, oxidation.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris