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Large baluster-shaped vase and its lid, with polychrome decoration of a blue underglaze and enamels over a small fire, enhanced with gold. On the belly, a large plant decoration of flowering and leafy branches, with chrysanthemums, peonies and lotus, in which four phoenix or fenghuang birds are placed. At the base, two levels of frieze. One small one, decorated with stylized lotus petals and mantling. The other larger one is decorated with blue leaves under a gold cover surrounding reserves decorated with flowers, leaves and foliage. At the neck, three levels of friezes: lower frieze of interlaced medallions decorated with flowers; upper frieze formed by a mosaic background and reserves decorated with bouquets of flowers; middle frieze of baskets of flowers and foliage. Lid surmounted by a gilded Fo dog, decorated with lotus flowers, leaves and foliage. On the rim, a light green background strewn with leaves and flowers, with in reserves, the Buddhist symbols of the conch and the couple of fish. France, Samson, 19th century. Perfect condition, two fine cracks in the neck. Height vase and lid : 126 cm. Height gilded wood base : 40 cm . Total height : 166 cm. GM THE 3/04/2019

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