Lot 1640

Convolute of porcelain dolls
Late 1800s/early 1900s, mostly unmarked, glazed porcelain or bisque porcelain, consisting of Armand Marsaille breast leaf head 2015, two further breast leaf heads, a bathing doll (foot toes bumped), six jointed dollŽs house dolls, among them a family of three (one arm missing) and three baby dolls, a Münchner Kindl with crank head and mass body (eyes in need of repair) and three laughing dolls with mass head and cloth body over wire frame, dolls mostly originally dressed, two with sleeping eyes or mohair wig, a porcelain cat (probably fragment of a bowl), a few pieces of clothing and a plaited suitcase, various signs of age and wear, l 7 to 28 cm.