Lot 3717

Pauline Borghese as Venus Victrix
after Antonio Canova, 19th century, unsigned, bronze polychrome decorated and gilded in cold painting, the sitter is Pauline Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, later married to Camillo Borghese, today exhibited in the Galleria Borghese in Rome, at the time of the creation of the original around 1805/08 the sculpture caused an enormous sensation, because high-ranking ladies were never depicted as nudes or semi-nudes and after the publication of the sculpture, great social speculations broke out, whether Pauline Borghese actually let herself be depicted naked or whether only the head was created in her own image, the sitter probably even fuelled these scandalous rumours, she is only covered by a strategically placed cloth, lolls on a chaise longue and holds an apple in her hand, thus reminding us of Aphrodite's victory in the judgment of Paris, chaise longue decorated with vegetable elements and shells, in some parts very minutely rubbed, otherwise very well preserved, H ca. 16,5 cm, l approx. 26,5 cm.