Lot 4206

Votive tablet 18th century
Depiction of Mary as Immaculata, standing on a crescent moon and clouds, the head as apocalyptic sign surrounded by a circle of stars and the hands folded for prayer, above Mary the dove as sign of the Holy Spirit, in heaven surrounded by Mary Putti with Mary symbols like white lilies, thornless rose and a palm branch in her hands, extensive Latin text on the back, at the top a quotation from the Revelation of John chapter 12,1 "she is clothed with the sun; the moon was under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head...." underneath, two putti cloths with Latin text referring to Mary, underneath, writing with mention of the founder Peter Alexander Franz Adeling von Arnoldstein, "Ars Echologiæ Anno orta isto Indagatore Petro Alexandro Francisco Adeling de Arnoldstein ...."below two putti bear the coat of arms of the founder, fine, highly oval religious genre painting, oil on panel, unsigned, signs of age, in need of cleaning, framed in the later oval black wooden frame, rebate dimensions approx. 37.5 x 26.5 cm.