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Oswald Achenbach, attr., summer day at lake Nemi
A bright Arcadian Italian summer landscape with women and donkeys against the backdrop of Lake Nemise in front of the steeply towering mountain scenery of Monte Cavo in the Albanian mountains. Müller-Klunzinger (1870) wrote: "... and soon gained the reputation of an excellent master. He was particularly successful in Italian landscapes, which reveal his poetic sensibility, his faithful perception of southern nature, fire and life. ..."atmospheric, slightly impasto landscape painting, oil on canvas, c. 1860, the painting has been trimmed on all sides for reduction and mounted again on the original stretcher frame, which has also been greatly reduced in size, the name "Achenbach" visible in the lower right corner was probably added secondarily by someone else in this context, restored, craquelure, scratches and paint bursting, somewhat in need of restoration, framed in a beautiful gold stucco frame, rebate dimensions approx. 105 x 125 cm. Artist info: important german. Landscape and genre painter, draughtsman, graphic artist as well as actor, director and stage painter (1827 Düsseldorf to 1905 Düsseldorf), 1829 in Munich, 1830 again in Düsseldorf and already at the age of 8 years study at the academy of arts in Düsseldorf, studied here 1835-42 with Josef Wintergerst and Rudolf Wiegmann, parallel student of his older brother Andreas Achenbach 1815-1910, 1843 travel to Upper Bavaria and North Tyrol, from 1844 member of the association of Düsseldorf artists, 1845 travel with Albert Flamm to Northern Italy, 1848-1905 founding member of the Düsseldorf artists' association "Malkasten", from 1850 on he was responsible for exhibitions in Düsseldorf and maintained a student studio, 1850 trip to Italy with Albert Flamm and stays in Nice, Genoa, Rome and Olevano in the Albanian mountains, here acquaintance of Arnold Böcklin, Heinrich Dreber and Ludwig Thiersch, from 1852 honorary member of the Academy of Amsterdam, from 1853 employee of the "Düsseldorfer Monatshefte" and the "Düsseldorfer Künstleralbum", supplied the Paris World Exhibition in 1855 and the Paris Salon in 1859-68, honorary member of the Academy of St. Gallen in 1861. Petersburg in 1861 and the Rotterdam Academy in 1862, professorship at the Düsseldorf Academy in 1862-71, appointed Knight of the Legion of Honor by Napoleon III in 1863, received further honors like 1866 the Guadeloupe Order by Emperor Maximilian of Mexico and 1869 the Knight's Cross 1st Class of the Order of Merit of St. Petersburg. Michael, undertook further study trips to the Teutoburg Forest, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, 1871 9-month stay in Italy (Capri, Ischia, Amalfi, Sorrento, Castellammare di Stabia) and honorary member of the Munich Academy, created collector's pictures for the Cologne chocolate producer Ludwig Stollwerck, 1882 again in Italy (Florence, Rome, Naples, Sorrento), 1884 honorary member of the Stoholm Academy, 1885 and 1895 in Northern Italy, 1890 crown order 2nd Class of the Order of Merit of St. Michael, 1890 crown order 2nd Class of the Order of Merit of St. Michael, 1869 honorary member of the Teutoburg Forest, 1871 honorary member of the Munich Academy. Class,1897 appointed honorary citizen of Düsseldorf and 1898 Red Eagle Order 2nd class with oak leaves, source: Thieme-Becker, Saur "Bio-Bibliographisches Künstlerlexikon", AKL, Bruckmann "Lexikon der Düsseldorfer Malerschule", Bénezit, Boetticher, Müller-Singer, Seubert, Müller-Klunzinger and Wikipedia.