Herd of Cows
A wonderful watercolour illustration done on a paper represents the Herd of Cows. This style is known as Pichwai painting as it is used to put behind Lord Krishna’s statues in temples and most commonly in Shrinathji of Nathdwara, Rajasthan. _x000D_ The herd is moving straight and this is the right side view shown here. All of the cows are related to Lord Krishna’s lila as per the concept of Pichwai. All of the cows are white instead of only one odd cow that is of shyama-varna (dark complexion). All of the cows have raised their left leg upwards and all of them are having ropes tied on their legs separately. _x000D_ All the cows are studded with gold chains comprised of gems along with gold adorned horns and crowns over their heads. Decorative hangings are placed on the right sides of their faces. The black eyes of the cows are cute and attractive. The yellow background behind the herd is eye catching and the red border of this artwork adds a spark to this masterpiece.


Water Color Painting on Paper

16 inch X 12 inch

Lot 15

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