Five Different Manifestations of Lord Ganesha Large Panel
Having a Ganesha panel at your house or office is one of the most auspicious as well as a great ornamentation to the walls. Its large size and intricate carvings complement to that of Lord Ganesha’s open heart and innate beauty. This wooden panel depicts five mesmerizing manifestations of Lord Ganesha in his act of cheerfulness. _x000D_Starting from the left, the one shown with pearl white plumage plays a shehnai in an artistic angle, the next one in a shade of orange produces the rhythmic sounds from the beats of a tabla, one in the centre sits in his undistinguished posture on a lotus, with the four limbs in usual insignia; as you move ahead, the green hued Ganesha in an exquisite hand posture and curvature performs an action of singing an alap (Indian vocal music style), the last one in the devotional red color plays the flute. All the five manifestations are garbed in amazing attires and embellished alluringly along with the supreme crown of Godhead. _x000D_Sculptor’s high-end skills and extreme perfection can be identified by the tempting carvings of all the Ganesha chambers, supported by thick pillars and circular Kirtimukha arch. Look at the sides to acknowledge the two peacocks carved in vibrant colors with charming structure and long tails. The wavy border and fill-up carvings on the panel’s background act as flavour enhancers to this beautiful art.


South Indian Temple Wood Carving

11.50 inch Height X 71.50 inch Width x 1.80 inch Depth

10.00 Kg.
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