Super Large Flower Vase
Have you ever wondered what level of manpower and skills are required to mould a perfect brass statue, well the one shown here aptly answers this question by its mesmerized forms and curves along with patterned ancient designs all over the structure. _x000D_It is a flower vase extremely magnified in size and can be identified as divided in three platforms; centre part is like a large globe having vertical lines, all at parallel distances, but seeming to meet at the ends, along with symmetric flower motifs imbibed along with the pattern. When we glance at the first and third platform, we realize that it is in the shape of a bucket, with the first one placed as usual and the third one is upside down forming the base. _x000D_This sculpture is highly noticeable not only because of its supreme size, but also because of the traditional historic carvings and colors; it can be used as a corner decoration or in centre at hotel receptions or offices, either just the way it is or by having some beautiful bunch of flowers in it.


Brass Statue

42.50 inch Height X 30.00 inch Width x 30.00 inch Depth

37.60 Kg.
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