Large Dakshinamurti Shiva
Seated under a stylized leaf aureoled Banyan tree with monkeys hopping and eating fruits and peacocks screaming melodiously at the top, Lord Dakshinamurthy settles on a heighted uniquely carved pedestal in lalitasana with right leg on the demon Apasmara as a mark of suppressing ignorance from the world. _x000D_Dakshinamurthy is an aspect of Lord Shiva as a guru or a teacher of all types of knowledge, who faces south (dakshina) at the time of teaching the ganas. Seated at his secluded spot on the Himalayas under a Banyan tree, surrounded by ganas all around and Nandi (his vahana) sits near his legs. This Chaturbhuja holds a damru with a snake coiled around and a flame in his upper hands, while the front right hand in a gesture of gyan mudra symbolizing knowledge and wisdom holds a rosary and left carries scriptures for scriptural knowledge. _x000D_He wears a rudraksha mala on his kantha along with other precious jewels adorning his body with a hole extending from one ear to the other, as he teaches through the subtlest form of speech- para vak, i.e. beyond the range of physical ear. His luxuriant hair of matted locks is ornamented with wild flowers and a snake with the mass of the jatas arranged in conical shape to resemble a crown.


South Indian Temple Wood Carving

59.00 inch Height X 34.00 inch Width x 9.50 inch Depth

68.00 Kg.
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