Large Size Lord Buddha Seated on Double Lotus Seat Tibetan Buddhist
Buddha is the foremost Tibetan deity who has achieved enlightenment and guides people to walk on the same path. This magnified Buddha statue sits in his dhyana in Padmasana posture with the left hand resting on his lap, facing upwards and right hand is in vitarka mudra forming the ‘wheel of law’ of intellectual discussions and arguments. The large double lotus pedestal is sculpted realistically having spiritual Buddhist symbols, vajrakila, kartika and trishula carved on it. He wears a symmetric pleated robe draped perfectly on his body; his hairs coiled evenly accentuate his overall look. _x000D_The delicate glow on this statue makes it even more devotional. A striking likeness can be found in its composure of countenance and its extreme largeness. The striking yellow-gold color acts as a major contribution to the holiness and winsomeness of this sculpture.


Brass Statue

56.50 inch Height x 41.00 inch Width x 25.00 inch Depth

150.0 Kg.
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