His Majesty Lord Ganesha at Leisure Large Size
This elephant- head- deity is the well wisher and protector of all. This large and unique sculpture of Ganesha shows him in a leisurely mood and stance, lying on a round elongated pedestal having colorful lotus leaf border and right hand rests on a look alike booster. This relaxing site of Ganesha, sleeping in a great ease is ostentatious. _x000D_Ganesha’s big fat belly falls down, resting on the base and adorned with supremely carved jewels; the less visible red colored dhoti contrasts perfectly with the color of the skin; large ears symbolize his good listening ability and trunk folding from below displays naturalistic striations. Yellow- green crown accentuating on his head exhibits lifelike carvings inspired by that of South Indian temples. The position of legs is quite different, in a parallel yet crossing manner. _x000D_The major enticement of this sculpt is its king size appearance and stupendous mien carved with precise features.


South Indian Temple Wood Carving

20 inch Height x 43 inch Width X 17.5 inch Depth

48 kg
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