Superbly Decorated Elephant with Upraised Trunk Large Size
This is the brass statue of an elephant which is also a sacred animal symbolizing protection and wisdom in feng shui. An upraised trunk elephant represents good luck. In Hindu culture, an elephant is the living incarnation of Lord Ganesha. _x000D_This statue of elephant has a beautifully carved back. It appears to be having an oval shaped wondrous looking carpet laid on its back. Marvelous circular embellishments are adding to its charm. It is wearing thick and phenomenal anklets in all four legs. A bell is hanging in the front. The two big floppy ears at the sides are shown as wearing a ring like structure. The trunk, which is raised upwards, is magnificently decorated with three bands, wrapped at a distance highlighting its uniqueness. Mouth of the elephant is open and it seems as if it is giving a smiling expression or enjoying its beauty by singing a sweet song. The carvings cover the forehead in a neat triangular pattern. The small tail at the back is slightly tilted towards the left leg. Two teeth peeping out from sides are very valuable. Many ornaments and decorative items are made from them. _x000D_Its unique and large size is its special feature, it, undoubtedly will be an attractive piece at the place it will be kept. It is a symbol of power and strength. It is the largest and most calm and patient creature among all having a very unique look. Elephant can also be the friendliest and gentlest creatures of the world.


Brass Statue

31.5 inch Height x 40 inch Width x 17.5 inch Depth

70.9 Kg
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