Krishna Subdues Kaliya (Large Size)
This is an iconic statue of Lord Krishna’s childhood. It’s carved out of_x000D_south Indian temple wood. These are waterproof and termite resistant_x000D_with a final polishing done on top that makes the statue sparkle with_x000D_brilliance.This finely carved 3 feet tall statue depicts Krishna’s subduing of the_x000D_demonic Kaliya serpent whose venom polluted the Yamuna river to an_x000D_extent that even birds flying over the river used to fall dead. According to_x000D_Hindu mythology Krishna defeated the evil Kaliya and forced him to go_x000D_elsewhere. This statue illustrates Krishna conquering the five-headed_x000D_serpent with his left leg and waving his right leg in air to showcase his_x000D_total dominance over it. Krishna’s left hand is clasping the tail of the_x000D_Kaliya and his right is in a gesture of blessing his devotees.The statue stands on an elevated lotus platform and shows a mermaid in_x000D_devotional posture. Krishna is adorned by divine jewellery and has deity_x000D_mask as his headgear. This exclusive piece represents the celestial_x000D_power of Krishna and can be kept in the center/heart of the home, the_x000D_living room, or the main entrance


South Indian Temple Wood Carving

36.5 inch Height x 14 inch Width x 3.5 inch Depth

9 kg
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