Gorgeous Krishna Plays The Flute To His Cow
Quintessential to the Lord's presence, the sculpture you see on this page is replete with a flute set on His lips, the dusk-blue complexion of His roopa, and the tribhang (jutting out in three points along the form) posture. It is a contemporary, high-skill replica of the kinds of life-sized carvings to be found on ancient temple walls of the South. Handpicked for the flawless work and the personal devotion poured forth into this by the local South Indian artisans whose studio it comes from, this standalone sculpture would suffice to become a complete temple wherever you place it. Its spiritual functionality is complemented by the aesthetic brilliance of India's great sculptural tradition.The handsome young cowherd as one of His cows for an audience. There is not a more iconic duo in Indian culture than Lord Krishna with His beloved bovine companion. It makes for an image that is superlatively holy in terms of iconography, the cow being the sacred maternal figure in the Indian psyche. The rich pastel hues of the colour-palette symbolise the fullness of their relationship, much sung about in devotional literature revolving around the youthful Deva. Zoom in on each aspect of the composition to appreciate the delicate carving of the highly dynamic silhouettes, the silks that drape His limbs, the shringar that is so intricate and fluid. Two lotuses in full bloom layered one on top of the other make up the pedestal of the murti, which in turn is placed on a multi-tired platform with coloured lotus petal engravings.


South Indian Temple Wood Carving

82.3 inch Height x 38 inch Width X 12.5 inch Depth

143.7 kg
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