Super Large Blessing Hanuman
The brave Hanuman--Divine Monkey, God of strength, celibacy, and Lord of Victory--has brought hope and courage to the people around the world for over a thousand years. His role as companion to the god Rama is central to the Hindu epic Ramayana, and he has served as a symbol of nationalism and resistance to persecution during the most difficult of battles.This awe-inspiring sculpture, crafted out of brass, presents Hanuman in all of his glory. His beautiful face showcases his divine monkey nature. He stands on a lotus pedestal, blessing his onlookers with his right hand raised, engraved with holy sauwistikas, the symbol of the divine. In his left hand, he holds his gada, or golden club, a symbol of self-sovereignty and authority of governance, with its spiral handle and bulbous top adorned with a lotus-flower base. On his head he wears his beautifully ornate crown, further solidifying his godliness and kingly status. Beside his head to his right, the end of his long, glorious tail emerges like a flag. He stands clothed in a simple loin cloth as is befitting his monkey nature and reveals his muscular chest and torso reminding us of his tremendous strength. Finally, around his neck he wears the pearl necklace bestowed upon him by Sita after the great war of the Ramayana was over and Sita was returned home safe.Hanuman has become an inspiring figure for millions of people around the world. He serves as the patron god of many athletic activities including wrestling and martial arts. He is seen as an expert grammarian, a steadfast yogi, and a laborious scholar. He has the perfect balance of shakti--strength and heroism--and bhakti--loving compassion, specifically to his personal god Rama. Exotic India has presented this exclusive, single, super large statue of Hanuman to serve as a protector and inspiration for those who may look upon him. To this day, Hanuman continues to stand for the greatest of ideals including servitude, strength, loyalty, unity, and perseverance in the face of persecution. His grand image reminds us every day that his divine power is here to protect us.


Brass Statue

77.00 inch Height x 23.00 inch Width x 18.00 inch Depth

210.0 Kg.
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