Goddess Saraswati Seated on Lotus
An epitome of beauty and knowledge, Goddess Saraswati sits here in lalitasana on a three-layered pink lotus which is kept on a stylized multicolored pedestal. You will be mesmerized by the smooth wooden texture of this sculpture, carved in sharp and accurate cuts and formations. She holds a veena in her anterior hands chiselled in beautiful designs and the rear hands carry a rosary and the book of vedas respectively, indicating her supremacy over music, art, learning and wisdom. _x000D_Clad in lustrous green and yellow colored dhoti pleated horizontally in a charming way till the ankle and a matching floral top covering her upper body in grace. The round stole that veils her till feet is fashioned in a stylish design along with a yellow colored hanging broch in the centre; bejewelled luxuriously in matching beads forming necklaces, karnaphool (earrings), bracelets, hathphool and anklets. _x000D_The fascination for this sculpture is also gained by her striking features of a sharp pointed nose, well arched eyebrows, smiling lips and a multicolored towering crown stimulated by wonderous South Indian temple carvings. _x000D_Zoom in to cheer for the thickly carved round arch in lotus design and a large Kirtimukha ornamented at the top acts as an awe-inspiring guardian of the threshold. It is revered as the immortal face of glory commonly found in iconography of Hindu and Buddhist temple architecture.


South Indian Temple Wood Carving

37.00 inch Height X 23.00 inch Width x 5.70 inch Depth

20.00 Kg.
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