Goddess Saraswati Made in Nepal
Nepal’s art form has an iconography of pointed crowns and flashy stoles of devis’. Saraswati means, one who is associated with rivers and one who possesses speech. She is the Hindu goddess of learning, music and art and is a part of the trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. _x000D_ This sculpture shows her in a copper shade with accurate silver colored contrasting jewels and other accessories. She sits on a lotus pedestal with left hand bent inwards and right foot rests on a fully gown lotus flower signifying her relation with truth, purity and knowledge; depicted with two hands, left hand holds the uniquely sculpted veena with the face of a swan looking at her and right hand plays the instrument gracefully, emphasizing her bent for creative arts and sciences. The three necklaces hanging are placed graciously on her upper body. The long earlobes symbolize Nepal’s Buddhist culture, and long danglers embrace it. She wears an ankle length dhoti with exquisite bracelets, armlets and anklets. The two curved lines on her neck similar to Buddha’s, indicates her deep and melodious voice. _x000D_ There is a swan (her sacred vehicle) on the left side of the pedestal, looking at her, signifying perfection, transcendence and moksha. This sculpture of Hindu goddess, also displays characteristic features of Nepal’s primary deity Gautam Buddha.


Copper Statue From Nepal

9.70 inch Height x 7.20 inch Width x 5.00 inch Depth

2.2 Kg.
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