Musician Playing Dholaka (Drum)
This is a brass statue of a musician playing dholaka (drum). It’s distinctive appearance and shape is moulded in Aligarh and this stone work of reconstituted stones is done in Patan, a city in Nepal. It is also called the ‘city of beauty’ because of its unique talent of handicrafts. _x000D_This man is sitting cross legged and is lost in the vibrations and sounds coming out of the dholaka. He is very happy and is busy playing the dholaka on the beats of the melodious song he is humming. Left hand is touching the dholaka and right hand is held a bit away from it. Head is slightly bent towards the right. His body posture is symbolic of his cheerfulness and it seems as if he is feelings himself on top of the world. His curled hair is swinging backwards representing his carefree attitude. The dholaka he is holding is kept on his right thigh and is artistically designed and colored. The blue colored dress he is wearing has a sharp contrast with red color at the collar and waist. It is decorated with jewel like multicolored beads. The color combination is giving it a very gleaming and charismatic look. _x000D_Musician’s attitude is not just about what and how he is playing, but also about the way he is feeling and relishing it.


Brass Statue With Inlay Work

13.00 inch Height x 12.20 inch Width x 5.80 inch Depth

7.0 Kg.
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