Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara Made in Nepal
The beautiful Tara is called Saptalochani because She has seven eyes (in Sanskrit, 'sapta' means seven and 'lochana' means eyes). The remaining eyes are on Her temple, on each of Her delicately shaped palms, and on the tenderly sculpted soles of Her feet. Her composure of countenance is grave - Her eyes are shut, head tilted slightly to a side, as if She is listening to the prayer of some devotee. From beneath Her five-crested crown emerge a mass of dense curls, adding to Her great beauty. Lengthened earlobes and a pair of ornate karnaphool frame Her face.Her slender torso is bedecked with a number of necklaces, each carved with greater skill than the other. A couple of lotuses in full bloom are entwined with Her sash on either side of Her. Her legs are placed in padmasana. The high double-lotus pedestal of this sculpture bears huge prominent petals, setting off off the lissome frame of the Goddess to perfection.


Copper Statue

14.3 inch Height x 10 inch Width x 8.2 inch Depth

4.2 kg
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