A Pair of Vases
For those who crave for antique collections, this is something that can amaze them. These pure brass vases are made with utmost perfection and great skills; their bottle neck is layered in subsequent ringlets followed by a layer of flower petals. The subtle gumbad like bottom is chiselled elegantly in flowers and vines that connect together to form eye-catching formations, with an inverted bowl base that carries the weight of these vases. _x000D_These spectacular pair of vases can be used as a luxurious interior decorative item to be kept in the house or office in various ways- by putting flowers (real or artificial) in them that will enhance its presence or by just simply placing them the way they are as their inbuilt beauty, smooth texture and that sober shine is mesmerizing in itself.


Brass Statue

8 inch Height x 4 inch Width X 4 inch Depth

1.5 kg
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