Tibetan Buddhist Bhumisparsha Buddha Singing Bowl (Made in Nepal)
While renouncing the world his action of touching the earth or calling the earth is Buddha’s Bhumisparsha Mudra that represents the moment when Buddha became enlightened underneath the Bodhi tree and by doing this the earth became the witness of his enlightenment. This is the secret behind naming this unique Buddhist singing bowl as ‘Bhumisparsha’after his spiritual enlightenment. In terms of purpose, it is an inverted, broad-bottomed bell resting upon a base. Known by various names – Tibetan Singing bowl, Himalayan bowl, medicine bowl, and rin gong, this bell was crafted in countries where Buddhism flourished, from India, Tibet, and Nepal to China, Korea, and Japan._x000D__x000D_This high quality handcrafted bronze singing bowl set includes a fine finished wooden striker( mallet ), the one –end of which is wrapped magnificently with superior quality felt of an appropriate density. Mallet is manufactured with a ” soft strike technique” to produce resonate sound, and a perfectly broadened sewn o-ring shaped cotton cushion in vibrant floral design. The bowl is hand-hammered in the Himalayan foothills by the Nepalese artisans to be as unique as you are and to create an ambiance for spiritual, emotional calming and healing. _x000D__x000D__x000D_Bowl is engraved with foremost mantras, symbols in Tibetan script, and abstract design. The properly sized cotton cushion will facilitate stay the bowl in place and don’t allow it to skate from the ring while striking with the mallet, otherwise, it would be a fun chasing the bowl on the floor. The striker or mallet is made of high-quality timber, cut and finely polished. The Bowl set is compact and small enough to fit in your palms, can certainly travel with you everywhere.


Bronze Statue, Cloth and Wood

3.6 inch Height X 6.8 inch Width x 6.8 inch Depth-Bowl

7 inch-Stick

6 inch-Cushion Dia

0.90 Kg. Weight of Bowl Only
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