Lord Buddha Wall Hanging Mask Tibetan Buddhist
A Buddha head is opined to be an icon of confidence, knowledge and concentration; that peaceful glance of his face gives a soothing and a calm essence to the viewer. This Lord Buddha wall hanging is carved in its most beauteous and auspicious manners depicting the sacred eight Ashtamangala signs (throne, swastika, handprint, hooked knot, vase of jewels, water flask, pair of fishes and lidded bowl) symbolizing good fortune, engraved on his forehead. _x000D_This alluring statue is carved in its iconic gestures of long ears that curl down beautifully forming a lotus and the chiselled three lines on his lotus carved neck depicts his soulful voice. Zoom in to cherish the smoothness and glow on his face, sculpted with a sharp pointed nose, eyes closed in the process of meditation and a slight realistic curve of the lips. The flower tattoos on both sides of his ears are an add on beauty to his elegant face. _x000D_His bunch of coiled hair locks represent his years of continuous meditation to achieve enlightenment and the small wavy dot on the forehead is a mark of his third eye of wisdom. That glow and perfection of his features is sculpted in the most mesmerizing ways, that its presence on any wall or showcase will automatically enhance the charm of that area. Exotic India provides you with a collection of three exquisite colors of natural brass, chola and the rarely found shade of blend of black and green to choose from.


Brass Statue

10.50 inch Height X 7.60 inch Width x 3.50 inch Depth

2.80 Kg.
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