Tibetan Buddhist Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular feng shui cures used universally. It is symbolic of bringing good luck, happiness and success. He was supposedly a Buddhist Zen Monk who lived in China and was popular by the name of Budai or Quieci or Hotei. He is easy to identify as he is always wearing a robe and a necklace of prayer beads, these beads are known as pearls of wisdom. He is bald and has a big fat stomach. _x000D_It is said that if his stomach is rubbed daily, he would make sure that all the wishes of the person are granted. This sitting posture of Buddha is symbolic of happiness and wishfulness. His left hand is on his left knee and right hand is in between right leg and stomach. His cheerful face and ease is responsible for spreading joy and happiness all around. _x000D_He often laughed whole heartedly and was a jolly fellow hence he came to be known as ‘Laughing Buddha’. It is believed that he is luckiest if kept near the entrance facing the door.


Wood Statue

6.00 inch Height x 4.50 inch Width x 2.80 inch Depth

0.4 Kg.
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