Large Size Buddha in Hand Tibetan Buddhist
Buddha is a title which means ‘one who is awake’. It enables to be free from evils of greed, hate, ignorance etc and shows the path of enlightenment. Buddha is a world teacher who opens doors for all others; it refers to Siddhartha Gautama, a man who found Buddhism. Our hand is the only part of the body that does all the actions whether good or bad. Image of Buddha sculpted on a hand symbolizes that he will enable doers to be at peace with work and maintain divinity. Wrist in the shape of an inverted lotus represents purity and rebirth in the varied aspects of work and life. _x000D_This flamboyant magnified statue of Buddha in black shade with refined golden borders is heavenly and can make a person go spellbind. Curled golden hairs at the top represent his divine crown. The deep yellow gold briefings highlight its uniqueness and tenuity.


Brass Statue

21.50 inch Height x 11.20 inch Width x 8.20 inch Depth

14.6 Kg.
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