Seated Japanese Buddha
Buddhism in Japan was a gift from the Korean kingdom of Kudara (Baekje) in the 6th century and had major influence on the development of Japanese society. It took time for Japanese to adopt a new culture from the pre-existing Shinto practice but gradually it came up and now both co-exist effectively with Buddhism having the major part. Around 75% of Japanese practice Buddhism with a continuous increasing number. _x000D_The enticing feature of this wooden statue is the pleats of the robe covering both the shoulders, thinly carved in a sequential symmetry with a check border at the neck. Buddha’s hands rest on his laps, fingers of both hands joined together from back and thumbs touching the tips of fingers of the respective hands forming two triangles simultaneously. His hairs have small strokes, vertical from front and horizontal from back with a conical top, featuring a crown, complementing with the pleated attire. Long ears accentuate his ability to listen to all the cosmic sounds and give way for the path of enlightenment.


Wood Statue

8.00 inch Height x 4.50 inch Width x 3.00 inch Depth

0.34 Kg.
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