Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Healing Buddha)
Bhaisajyaguru, popularly known as Medicinal Buddha is meant for healing and medicine in Mahayana Buddhism. He is the doctor who cures sufferings using medicines of his teachings. Prayers, sacred rituals and meditation are also used as technique of curing. He took twelve great vows on achieving enlightenment and is considered to be extremely powerful for healing physical illness and purifying negative karma. _x000D_Medicine Buddha is depicted as sitting in his dhyana Mudra (meditation posture) on a two layered pedestal carved beautifully. Left palm faces upwards and holds a lapis lazuli (jar of medicines) resting comfortably on his lap. Right hand holds the stem of the Aruna fruit or Myrobalan between his thumb and fore finger which rests on his right knee. It is believed that this plant represents the best medicine in the world and eradicates suffering through means of relative truth. The monastic robe that he wears is designed with great supremacy. The small briefings are carved very sincerely and neatly. Pattern of robe and Aruna fruit is complementing each other pleasingly. _x000D_It is opined that if the statue of Medicine Buddha is kept in home, healing powers of family members are increased, hence, negative energies will not be able to enter the house.


Brass Statue

21.00 inch Height x 15.00 inch Width x 11.00 inch Depth

21.6 Kg.
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