The Heavenly Glamour Of The Buddha
The Enlightened roopa (form) of the erstwhile Shakyamuni (chief of the Shakya clan) is a calming, inspiring image. He is seated in padmasana, His asana (seat/throne) the bed of a giant lotus in full bloom. He cradles the alms-vessel in His lap with His left hand, a relic of His mendicant days. The right hand He raises in blessing, the thumb and forefinger joined to form the wheel of life. Indeed this sculpture captures the divine glamour of the Buddha.It is a work of fine skill and utmost shraddha (roughly translated to ‘devotion’), a composition as aesthetic as it is functional to the spiritually inclined. The lissome form of the Buddha is clad in a robe of white. The same is coated with a network of deep blue jewels, fashioned from strategically carved bits of resin and interspersed with hints of filigree. Jewels in a multitude of colours line the edge of His robe as well as the rim of His bowl.The same work of inlay is to be found on the petals of the lotus on which the Lord is seated. Rich tones of red, aquamarine, and cobalt constitute the colour palette of the pedestal alone. The face is an example of iconographic and aesthetic perfection - long earlobes, half-shut eyes, and a head of thick curly hair dyed an acrylic shade of blue.


Brass Statue With Inlay Work

16.00 inch Height x 11.00 inch Width x 7.30 inch Depth

9.4 Kg.
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