Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha In Vitark Mudra, Auspicious Symbols/Mantras On The Robe
The Vitarka Mudra depicts The Buddha teaching in Padmasana Posture. The right hand with a lotus is held upward closer to the chest, the palm facing outward. The index finger touching the thumb creates a circle symbolizing the constant flow of energy and information with no beginning or end. The other three fingers point upward. Vitarka mudra induces the energy of the teachings and discussions of the spiritual principles which may also involve the arguments with the disciples. The left-hand holds a divine Patra (begging bowl) on his lap signifying him to be the head of the monastic order.The stunning robe draped on his princely figure, flows evenly & filled lavishly and artistically with carvings of almost all the eight Ampicious symbols including the Conch-shell, the Dharma-chakra, two Golden fishes, the Lotus, the Parasol, the Treasure vase and the knot and the thirteen mantras of Buddhism, the most powerful being-“Om Mani Padme Hum”. A well set lengthy scarf-like border awesomely carved & inlaid in copper is wrapped on the robe. Representing his iconic attributes in a wonderous manner are the lengthened earlobes signifying his ability of hearing the sufferings of the world to be cured; the short & tight ringlet curled hair on the head symbolising getting rid of ignorance; the three divine Shiva-lines on the kanthika enhancing his soulful voice; with the beautiful eyebrows over the closed eyes means looking inward of self; and the third eye on the forehead are amazingly carved. Overall, this crowning beauty of buddha in brass with the copper-inlay carvings of three Shiva- lines, eyebrows, the third eye, the lotus in the palm and the long scarf shows an intact figure with the expression of the face making up his descent, soulful and divine being.


Brass Statue With Copper Wire Inlay

12.5 inch Height x 9.2 inch Width X 6 inch Depth

6 kg
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