Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha Singing Bowl
The rich deep tone of the singing bowls have been heard in the valleys of Tibet since_x000D_time immemorial. These bowls have been known for their powerful healing_x000D_vibrations. They promote relaxation and can provide for you a safe and calm place in_x000D_the middle of your life’s toils.This traditional Tibetan artifact that we have brought for you is carefully selected for the purity of their sound quality and their crystal clear tones. It’s made from_x000D_aluminum and ships with a wooden mallet. A 6-inch maroon colored cushion base is_x000D_also provided along with the bowl.Use if for meditation or for alternative therapies. Inside the bowl we have an image of Shakyamuni Buddha in bhumisparsha mudra and a begging bowl in the left hand. On the outer side of the bowl is inscribed the mantra - Om Mani Padme Hum.The deep rich tone of the singing bowl is perfect for stress reduction and pain relief. The sound is created by firmly pressing the accompanying mallet and moving it in a circular motion. Feel the vibration in your entire arm, rather just using the wrists.


Aluminium Statue, Wood and Cloth

3.2 inch Height X 6 inch Width x 6 inch Depth-Bowl

6 inch-Stick

6 inch-Cushion Dia

0.50 Kg. Weight of Bowl Only
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