Tibetan Buddha In Terracotta Finish, Robes Embossed With Scenes From His Life
Terracotta, made from clay or silt matrix, a fluxing agent, and grog or bits of previously fired clay, has been used for making figure sculpture since ancient times. Little terracotta figurines have been unearthed by archaeologists dated to the Early Bronze Age. Some of the earliest examples of terracotta sculpting are found as decoration in Greek temples and as figures on Etruscan sarcophagi.This piece of fusion art merges the traditional styles of brass metalwork with terracotta embossing. This is one of the most famous representations of the sitting Buddha. Here he sits in all his divine glory upon a raised circular pedestal meditating in Padmasana, the revered lotus pose. His right hand is raised in Abhaya Mudra, to ward off fear in his devotees, and the left hand holds the alm bowl denoting his detachment from the materialistic world.This unique sculpture - made available for you in four colors: Black Gold Silver, Cemented Gold, Natural Brass, and Sindoori Super Antique - depicts scenes from the most important events in the Buddha's life. These varied depictions include the events of his birth, Gautama leaving behind his wife and son when they were sleeping, enmity with Devadatta who attempted to kill Buddha with a mad elephant, and daughters of the demon Mara trying to disrupt Gautama's meditation, among others.


Brass Statue

14.5 inch x 10.0 inch x 7.5 inch

7.2 kg
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