Avalokiteshavara, The Infinite Limbs And Heads Of Compassion (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
Few of us are indifferent to the charms of the mantra, om mani padme hum. It is the go-to mantra for the Tibetan laypeople, as often mispronounced as it is, which merely serves to show how effective it is nevertheless. It is the mantra of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddhist lord (ishvara) who gazes donw (avaloklita) in compassion, a sculpture of whom is pictured here. That compassion is such a quintessential part of this jewel among Bodhisattvas establishes His Bodhichitta as irreversible and unshakeable. It makes Avalokiteshvara the most popular of the Buddhist deities, the one most turned to when the devotee is struck by that need for compassion common to us all.He has eleven thousand heads, which His single head resolved into a long time ago when He turned His mind to the sum of mortal suffering; and eleven thousand arms, which enable Him to work towards multiple causes for His devotees. This gorgeous brass composition brings out the beauty of this Bodhisattva to perfection. He stands with His brow steeped in dhyana, His hands in the namaskaram mudra while the rest of His arms flank the figurine. An aureole the shape of a lotus bud frames the towering succession of His infinite heads. Note the perfect symmetry of the composition despite the complexity of the deity in question. A two-tiered traditional lotus pedestal completes the divine sculpture.


Brass Statue

19.2 inch Height x 9.7 inch Width X 4.7 inch Depth

5.2 kg
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