Superfine Lord Buddha Seated on Double Lotus Made in Nepal Tibetan Buddhist Deity
Buddha’s different statues have different meanings and values. He is the one who is awake and a path to achieve enlightenment to be free from greed, hate, ignorance etc. Siddhartha Gautama is the one who found Buddhism and Tibet is the primary Buddhist worshipper. _x000D_This Buddha is seated on a blue and green double lotus, contrasting beautifully with the 24 karat gold gilded sculpture, wearing an orange colored robe having a thin border with white colored Ashtamangala signs (endless knot, lotus, dhvaja, dharmachakra, bumpa, golden fish, parasol and conch) carved on it. These signs are the eight auspicious symbols endemic to various religions, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism representing the various teaching tools. This posture is the Bhumisparsha Mudra, where Buddha is seated in a meditation position; right hand rests on right knee and touches the earth or calls the earth to witness, left hand rests on the lap with the palm facing upward holding a pot, it represents the moment when Buddha became enlightened underneath the Bodhi tree. Long ears symbolize his ability to listen ‘all’ and hence cure ‘all’. Third eye signifies the knowledge and wisdom that one achieves through meditation. His hair are in the form of snail shell curls because it is said that he was in meditation for such a long time that snails started to slid up on his body and rested on his head. Two curved lines on his neck are symbolic of his deep and melodious voice. _x000D_This Tibetan Buddhist deity is a depiction of good luck and learning.


Copper Sculpture gilded with 24 Karat Gold

16.50 inch Height x 13.50 inch Width x 10.00 inch Depth

7.3 Kg.
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