Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Seven Eyed Goddess White Tara Made in Nepal
In Buddhism, White Tara is the first female Buddha or the Bodhisattva who is referred to be as white and as bright as the moon itself. She is always depicted as a peaceful deity, thus, she is the emanation of a strong energy of compassion and healing.Purity and sanctity reaches the next level with this exotic and expensive blend of copper and gold, as 24-karat gold embeds into this statue, that exhibits the seven-eyed goddess, resting gracefully on an intricate petal podium that soothes the eye. Her beauty is enhanced with an eye-catching neon and scarlet red chocker necklace, a draping Mala, the exquisite and magnificent Jhumkas and various valuable wrist and arm bands that adorn her skillfully carved figure. Her fine hands hold beautiful lotus that extend to decorate the backdrop.Bewitching eyes are emblazoned all over her sculpture which are amazingly complimented with the breathtaking floral backdrop that has fantastic serpentine designs that perfectly curve through every turn, tinted in maroon and soft blue and green colors that weave through the beauty, displaying the complexity of the artistic wonders that has taken place. The statue is apparelled in a bow cincture that extends into a beautifully embroidered and pleated shalwar, turning out to be an awestriking ornamental sculpture.


Copper Sculpture gilded with 24 Karat Gold

11.00 inch Height x 9.50 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth

2.4 Kg.
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