Tibetan Buddhist Seated Lord Buddha, The Elaborate Bodhi Tree in Background
The essence of the sight of this statue is as pure as the Buddha himself, sitting in his dhyan asana with left hand on the feet holding a putra (begging bowl) symbolizing that he is the head of a monastic order and right hand held up in vitarka Mudra forms a circle with the index finger and thumb, as a sign of ‘wheel of law’. Mounted on a black, two layered plinth, he wears a dark copper- brown colored shiny robe with stylish border covering his body in ease. The three lines on the neck signify his deep soulful voice and the mark on forehead represents his third eye of wisdom, accompanied with long earlobes for better listening and the 108 snails cover his head representing his coiled hair, to protect him from heatstroke while meditating in scorching sun. _x000D_The big tortuous tree standing at the back forming a background is the bodhi tree or fig tree located in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Its leaves are said to be in heart shape as a sign of spreading love and faith. _x000D_This statue of Buddha sitting under Bodhi tree in meditation has its own charisma and can lure anyone with its grandness.


Brass and Wood

24.70 inch Height x 23.70 inch Width x 9.20 inch Depth

9.5 Kg.
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