Lord Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra (Inlay Statue)
It is believed that Prince Siddhartha at the young age of 29, witnessed four sights of people’s sufferings. Those experiences were vital enough and compelled him to leave comfortable royal life behind and embrace the spiritual path, leading to the enlightenment of the soul.This brass statue of Lord Buddha, depicted as costumed in his divine dual coloured robe in deep blue and maroon. The robe is luxuriously studded and inlayed in splendid floral patterns with the colourful artificial gemstones and ornamental stones in turquoise, sapphire & ruby red; the ethnic circular boarded chains all over are luring the blunt colours. The back of Buddha is fully draped with this lavish robe. He touches the earth with his right hand and the left-hand holds the begging bowl symbolizing him of the highest order. This action of touching the earth or calling the earth is Buddha’s Bhumisparsha Mudra that represents the moment when Buddha became enlightened underneath the Bodhi tree and by doing this he claims the earth ( Dhartimata ) as the witness of this enlightenment.The awakened Buddha here sits on a royal carved pedestal in a charming lotus posture with the eyes closed in essence of meditation; his long earlobes ready to hear the sufferings of the world & to cure and the three Shiva-divine lines on the neck enhances his soulful voice and the naturally carved coiled hair settle on the head forming a conical top represent his iconic attributes in a wonderous manner. The most distinctive feature is the mesmerized carving on the robe done with high level of endurance. This Buddha carved in superfine expressions and achieving with all its visual aesthetic qualities is the best piece for your dwelling, office or hotel to avoid incoming of disruptive element


Brass Statue with Inlay

8.2 inch Height x 6.5 inch Width x 4 inch Depth

2.2 kg
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