Lotus Seated Lord Buddha in Preaching Mudra
Postured in Padmasana on the richly carved lotus pedestal takes us towards the era of purity, love and peace where Gautama Buddha, the supreme deity preached sermons to spread awareness. The thick lotus plinth is patterned in wondrous imaginations and the leaves formed in multiple layers highlight its realism. Right hand is held high in Vitarka Mudra forming the wheel of law of intellectual discussions and left holds a Patra (begging bowl) that rests on his lap indicating him to be the head of the monastic order. _x000D_The robe that is draped upon him flows evenly and is filled with lavish flower designs and a wave on border carved on this superbly weaved cloth. The lengthened earlobes turn back to form unique and enticing temple like strokes with the iconic mesh of hair and three lines on the kanthika. The artists’ excessive patience and talent can be identified from the perfect high browed eyes and the conjunction of lines to form other facial expressions showcasing his mood aptly.


Brass Statue

21.70 inch Height X 16.00 inch Width x 11.00 inch Depth

20.70 Kg.
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