Shakyamuni Buddha Seated on Lotus Seat Tibetan Buddhist
Born in an Aristocratic wealthy family in the state of Shakya, Shakyamani Buddha or Gautama Buddha, who here sits on an immensely carved lotus pedestal in Bhumisparsha mudra is the sole founder of Buddha religion; during his middle ages, he renounced his family life and princely heritage to become a wandering mendicant spiritual seeker. _x000D_The one shown on this page, sits in an ease with the eyes closed in deep meditation; left hand holds a sacred bowl that identifies him as the head of the order and right hand gracefully touches the plinth or to say earth to let it witness the teachings of enlightenment that Gautama Buddha preached to his disciples; his teachings showed a path of happiness, satisfaction and a want to avoid sufferings. _x000D_When you will zoom in to this sculpture, you will be mesmerized on seeing the lavish coiled carvings on the thick beaded double border of his robe, that perfectly highlights the beauteous curves of his body with the iconic spiral hairs made up in a decent way; the wavy mark on forehead symbolizes his third eye of wisdom and truth, with the long earlobes which seem to have been elongated by the heavy earrings worn by him.


Brass Statue

8.60 inch Height X 6.00 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth

2.00 Kg.
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