Lot 14

Large Chinese porcelain ewer. Yonzheng-Qianlong,
18th century. Baluster-shaped, with a handle and a rocaille spillway, with a revolving decoration of enamels of the rose family of a scene with women and children on a palace terrace between two large friezes of landscapes in red monochrome or grisaille in rocaille cartouches interspersed with gold and black, handle and spillway with restorations to the handle and spillway, some wear.
H: 31 cm
Provenance: label for the Galerie Arts d'Autrefois, Paris.
For a model of the same size with a decoration of numerous characters, see by David S. Howard, The choice of the private trader, The Private Market in Chinese Export Porcelain illustrated from the Hodroff collection, Italy, 1994, p. 212.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris