Lot 34

Chinese porcelain plate. Qianlong, 18th century.
Contoured shape, decorated with the enamels of the Rose Family, in the centre a coat of arms surmounted by a helmet in a medallion formed by a frieze of ironwork, the wing of a frieze of shells, gold filet on the edge, small wears.
D: 22.5 cm
The coat of arms is that of the Guillot family from Amsterdam.
The Guillot family, originally from Bordeaux, settled in Amsterdam to become wealthy merchants. Elias Guillot (Bordeaux 1695 -
Batavia 1743), becomes Governor in 1733 of the Coromandel coast and dies without descendants in 1743 in Batavia.
For another plate with a very close blue-white border, see by David S. Howard, The choice of the private trader, The
Private Market in Chinese Export Porcelain illustrated from the
Hodroff collection, Italy, 1994, p. 84.
For a Japanese porcelain version and a copy of Samson, see by Jochem Kroes, Chinese armorial porcelain for the Dutch market: Chinese porcelain with coats of arms of Dutch families,
The Hague, 2007, p. 324, no. 242.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris